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JOIN OUR DONATIONS - Giving what money can't buy.

Let's join together as partners to give hopes, dreams, and love to underprivileged children.

Four Partners Needed


How is donating a Springfree trampoline different from other donations?


“No one has ever become poor by giving.” -Anne Frank-


Providing opportunities that money cannot buy to underprivileged children is to give Springfree Trampoline because Springfree Trampoline helps enhance motor skills and development at a very young age. The benefits of jumping on a trampoline will make incredible changes to children's bodies and minds that go beyond your imagination. Together, let’s join hands in giving underprivileged children hope, dreams and love.

Who knows the future? These children may turn out to be Thai national team athletes or famous doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, teachers. Or could even become our Thai Prime Minister one day in the future!

Jumping trampoline consistently will help transform body and mind. The body will be stronger, fitter, taller, more agile and flexible. The mind will be relaxed, happy and more positive.

When jumping up and down in the air, both left and right sides of the brain get to work at the same time. Children will learn to control every part of the body, arms, legs and core. This requires immense concentration. It also trains the nervous system, every group muscle of the body to have good coordinate and balance (hands eyes coordination), which is the foundation of all types of sports.

Continuous jumping stimulates and massages every organ, detoxifying every cell in the body. It helps the blood circulation system, open the lymphatic system to eliminate toxic residues. As a result, children will have good health and better immune systems.

You will witness the transformation of children who continuously jump on the trampoline. Children will have better concentration, better memory, making it easier for them to study.

The posture of the body will improve, more muscular and taller.

And what cannot be overlooked is that it is an ingenious method of teaching children to share, take turns playing, and build leadership in the future.

When children are down and in trouble, encourage them to jump on a trampoline. The results are miracles. That is because trampoline helps pump oxygen to the brain, lungs, and heart, causing blood to circulate throughout the body, endorphins released, and the body energized.

This is very important for underprivileged children who may feel exhausted, irritated, depressed and discouraged. It will help them stay in the positive zone. Having a good mood and being happy helps the mind to stay focused and not astray, lost, and obsessed with negative things.

The result? A quality community – a community that lives together happily and a strong society that will be a burden to the country.

For people with autism, jumping on a trampoline will help release excess energy. Children who are restless will be calmer and will be able to concentrate better.

In addition, jumping helps stimulate the 5 senses, including vision, balance, and perception of other people's gestures. Trampolines help people with autism develop their sensory processing abilities. They will be able to control themselves better in every situation.



How to donate?


To enable underprivileged children to receive hopes-dreams-love from this donation, Springfree Trampoline Company offers 4 partners to donate together.

One of the partners is the company itself and the other three are individuals or organizations interested in joining donation.

Each partner will donate 25% of the product price. The company itself will donate 1 of 4 parts and be responsible for associated cost of nationwide delivery and installation services (Bangkok only).

If you are interested, please fill out the form in Google Sheets. Follow the link below.



Which model is donated?

The company recommends donating the Springfree Trampoline, Jumbo model, square size S155 4x4 meters, because it provides a lot of jumping space so children can jump freely.

If donors are interested in donating other models, please feel free to make suggestions.



Where to donate?

We recommend donating to a rural school or Foundation for underprivileged children.

If you have any preference or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

When to donate?

Donations can be made when 3 partners join us via filling in the form. We will then notify you.

Tax invoices can be issued for the donation.




Underprivileged children, teachers and those involved will be forever grateful for the kindness and generosity of all donors.

You have given them hope-dreams-love and a bright future that money cannot buy.



Are you ready to give?

Become our partner

in giving


to underprivileged children.




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