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OVAL Trampoline

OVAL Trampoline

COMPACT OVAL Springfree Trampoline

For younger jumpers and small narrow spaces. The Compact Oval trampoline fits those unconventional-shaped smaller backyards. This 6 ft x 9 ft (1.9m x 2.7m) trampoline will look like it’s made to be there.

MEDIUM OVAL Springfree Trampoline

For the jumping enthusiast with a long and narrow yard. The 8ft x 11ft (2.4m x 3.4m) Medium Oval Trampoline is uniquely designed for active jumpers who are interested in developing trampolining experience within a tight space.

LARGE OVAL Springfree Trampoline

For kids of all ages with narrow yards. The 8ft x 13ft (2.4m x 4m) Large Oval Trampoline is the largest oval size within the Springfree Trampoline lineup. With plenty of room to jump and explore, kids can turn every bounce into an adventure!