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Rod Mesh

Rod Mesh


Rod Mesh


Rod Mesh Springfree Trampoline


R30 - Price 1,700 ฿

R54 - Price 1,700 ฿

R79 - Price 1,700 ฿

O47 - Price 1,700 ฿

O77 - Price 1,700 ฿

O92 - Price 1,700 ฿

S72 - Price 1,700 ฿

S113 - Price 1,700 ฿

S155 - Price 1,700 ฿

1,700.00 THB
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Rod Mesh Trampoline Accessories Spareparts Springfree Springfree Trampoline (Thailand) Co.
MEDIUM SQUARE Springfree Trampoline

For jumpers of all ages with medium-sized yards. The 9ft x 9ft (2.7m x 2.7m) Medium Square Trampoline provides plenty of room for jumpers to build their trampoline skills. The unique square-with-rounded-corners shape maximizes space for those energetic jumpers.


Use the FlexrHoop and ball to practice and perfect your trampoline slam dunk. Great for kids and adults. Like our trampolines, no hard edges, as it's been designed to be flexible and soft. Includes ball and pump for quick inflation needs. Hoop includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty, ball includes

COMPACT ROUND Springfree Trampoline

For beginner jumpers and small spaces. The 8ft (2.5m) Compact Round size is a traditional round trampoline shape, which provides a solution to yards that are on the smaller side.


Protect your trampoline for extended periods or during extreme weather conditions. Perfect for seasonal property care, extended vacations, known upcoming severe weather and long term storage. 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Note: only recommended for trampolines purchased after 2015 with G4 in the

MEDIUM OVAL Springfree Trampoline

For the jumping enthusiast with a long and narrow yard. The 8ft x 11ft (2.4m x 3.4m) Medium Oval Trampoline is uniquely designed for active jumpers who are interested in developing trampolining experience within a tight space.

MEDIUM ROUND Springfree Trampoline

For jumpers of all ages with medium-sized yards. The 10ft (3m) Medium Round Trampoline is a great all-rounder. This model is the perfect mid-size bounce – a traditional staple for any household.

Shifting Wheels

Trampoline moves are easy with Springfree's Shifting Wheels. One adult can move the trampoline when yard work needs to be done or a new backyard location is desired. Includes two pairs of wheel frames that easily slip under the frame legs and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Leg Steel

Leg Steel