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Springfree Trampoline

Leaders and Innovators in safe backyard play

We strive to provide a range of high end trampolines that are of the best quality, durable and safe, to ensure your children enjoy year after year of bouncing, laughing and memories on their trampoline. We source the best products and put them through rigorous testing to ensure only the best trampoline arrives in your backyard for a lifetime of play.


Awards received in the USA.


Proven to be the Only Safe Option

Since 2004, our springless trampolines have revolutionised safety and fun in the backyard when Dr Keith Alexander, Kiwi father of three and mechanical engineer wanted to create a safe trampoline for his children.

Our range of springless trampolines are the only trampolines to be recommended by CHOICE® in their independent study identifying Springfree as the safest and best quality trampoline in Australia, for a third time in a row. Our trampolines and accessories are the most awarded both Australia wide and world-wide so you can have peace of mind while your children enjoy hours of safe and engaging play.


Let’s listen to our customers around the world


Very Happy!

“So grateful to eliminate the worry!! Our summer is filled with kids over for swimming and they spend TONS of time on the trampoline! Now we can rest easy that they'll be safe. Our 7 year old son LOVES this!”

Great Trampoline. Worth Every Penny.

“We love this trampoline, it is safe, with large jumping area, the jumping mat reaches all the way to the safety net. The net has small holes, so fingers don't get caught in it. It is very quiet when jumping - no squeaky sound of springs.”

Hours of entertainment and exercise

“This has brought hours of entertainment and exercise for my children and genuine happiness!”

We love our Springfree!!!

“Springfree Trampoline is more than just a trampoline. It’s an investment into a lifetime of safe play and memories that never fade.”

We love our Springfree!

“Trampoline is more than just a trampoline. It’s an investment into a lifetime of safe play and memories that never fade.”



Designed to go the Distance

9 sizes, 3 shapes

Springfree offers trampolines Australia wide in oval, round and square across a range of sizes to suit all Australian families and backyards, whether in Melbourne or Sydney or rural Queensland, there is a Springfree Trampoline to suit everyone.

Mini Round

Compact Round Trampoline

Medium Round Trampoline

Compact Oval Trampoline

Medium Oval Trampoline

Large Oval Trampoline

Medium Square Trampoline

Large Squar Trampoline

Jumbo Square Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline provides a range of tools to help you buy a trampoline for your family. Use tools such as the Model Selector, Compare Models and Augmented Reality to make the perfect choice. You can also contact our Customer Care team who can assist you with a free, in person or virtual yard assessment, providing advice on how best to make your selection.


Our Trampolines



Supplying trampolines Australia wide, our trampolines and accessories have been providing endless fun and memories to last a lifetime for families all over Australia.

All our trampolines are delivered free Australia wide* with a free 10-year warranty that covers the entire trampoline. View the full range of trampolines for sale.

Springfree has a range of accessories to either enhance the fun or help with the maintenance of your trampoline and yard. View the range and buy trampoline accessories to suit your family.

To buy any of our springless trampolines, you can order online or find and visit your local retailer or experience centre.


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MINI ROUND Springfree Trampoline

For younger jumpers and tight spaces. The Mini Round is a small trampoline for kids, available at 6ft (1.9m) diameter, yet still packs a load of fun into a space-saving dimension. If you are tight on space, this could be your perfect fit!

COMPACT ROUND Springfree Trampoline

For beginner jumpers and small spaces. The 8ft (2.5m) Compact Round size is a traditional round trampoline shape, which provides a solution to yards that are on the smaller side.

MEDIUM ROUND Springfree Trampoline

For jumpers of all ages with medium-sized yards. The 10ft (3m) Medium Round Trampoline is a great all-rounder. This model is the perfect mid-size bounce – a traditional staple for any household.

COMPACT OVAL Springfree Trampoline

For younger jumpers and small narrow spaces. The Compact Oval trampoline fits those unconventional-shaped smaller backyards. This 6 ft x 9 ft (1.9m x 2.7m) trampoline will look like it’s made to be there.

MEDIUM OVAL Springfree Trampoline

For the jumping enthusiast with a long and narrow yard. The 8ft x 11ft (2.4m x 3.4m) Medium Oval Trampoline is uniquely designed for active jumpers who are interested in developing trampolining experience within a tight space.

LARGE OVAL Springfree Trampoline

For kids of all ages with narrow yards. The 8ft x 13ft (2.4m x 4m) Large Oval Trampoline is the largest oval size within the Springfree Trampoline lineup. With plenty of room to jump and explore, kids can turn every bounce into an adventure!

MEDIUM SQUARE Springfree Trampoline

For jumpers of all ages with medium-sized yards. The 9ft x 9ft (2.7m x 2.7m) Medium Square Trampoline provides plenty of room for jumpers to build their trampoline skills. The unique square-with-rounded-corners shape maximizes space for those energetic jumpers.

LARGE SQUARE Springfree Trampoline

For families with big backyards who want ample room to jump. The 11ft x 11ft (3.4m x 3.4m) Large Square is a popular choice for many families. The unique square-with-rounded-corners shape maximizes jumping space, providing 113 square feet of jumping freedom!


The FlexrStep allows for easier entry and exit from your trampoline without introducing a hard surface to the jumping area. Based on the trampoline model, the ladder adjusts to three heights. Includes a lock to restrict unsupervised jumping. 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


Use the FlexrHoop and ball to practice and perfect your trampoline slam dunk. Great for kids and adults. Like our trampolines, no hard edges, as it's been designed to be flexible and soft. Includes ball and pump for quick inflation needs. Hoop includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty, ball includes

Sun Shade

Stay cool and avoid damage with the Springfree Sun Shade. Ideal for young jumpers, the Sun Shade filters 99% of UVA and UVB rays. When not in use, the Sun Shade easily packs away in its own storage bag. 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Note: only recommended on trampolines purchased after 2015 with

Shifting Wheels

Trampoline moves are easy with Springfree's Shifting Wheels. One adult can move the trampoline when yard work needs to be done or a new backyard location is desired. Includes two pairs of wheel frames that easily slip under the frame legs and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Ground Anchor

The Springfree Trampoline Ground Anchor kit help to safely secure your trampoline to the ground. Each Ground Anchor kit contains 4 anchors which work for most models. The Large Square and Jumbo Round models require two anchor kits (ie. you will purchase two sets) depending on weather conditions in y


Protect your trampoline for extended periods or during extreme weather conditions. Perfect for seasonal property care, extended vacations, known upcoming severe weather and long term storage. 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Note: only recommended for trampolines purchased after 2015 with G4 in the

Jumping Pad

Jumping Pad Springfree Trampoline many features to choose from.

Rod Attached To The Base

Rod Attached To The Base many features to choose from.

Flexi Net

Flexi Net many features to choose from.



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