Relocation Services

Are you moving house, landscaping, or completing a home renovation?

If you need your Springfree moved for any reason, we can help with our Relocation Services!

Our Relocation Services disassemble and / or reassemble your Springfree. Our Relocation Services are available for a variety of reasons including:

  • Moving house (we take it down, you move it, we put it back up)
  • Landscaping your yard
  • Moving the trampoline from the front yard to the back yard – or vice versa
  • Packing the trampoline up ready for selling
  • Putting the trampoline into storage
  • Making room for a new Springfree Smart Trampoline™

These services are provided by our team of trained installers who have the expertise and knowledge to perform the job efficiently and professionally.

Our Relocation Services are available in most parts of Australia – you can check availability here:

Relocation Service Availability

The Process


During the disassembly process our installer will carry out a condition report. A condition report is like a health check of your Springfree. At this time any parts that require replacement to ensure safe reassembly will be noted. The trampoline will then be packed in protective Springfree packaging and the trampoline will be boxed neatly and securely. We’ll also send you a quote for any replacement parts you may need.

The Move (now that it’s all boxed up)!

If you are moving house, you (or your removalist company) can then move it, along with the rest of your possessions, to your new home.


Once you’re ready to get it reassembled, just give us a call to book in your reassembly, and we’ll assemble your Springfree!

To book or find out more about our Relocation Services, please contact our Customer Care Team on +668 6345 7770.